Journey Groups

Journey Group Logo  2016 (Landscape)

At Journey Church, we understand life is meant to be lived together.  Our way of connecting people is through Life Groups, Academic Groups, Activity Groups, and Bible Groups which, together, make up Journey Groups. We believe these four avenues offer opportunities for people to grow in their faith, learn more about Jesus, and do life together.

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Life Group Logo  April 2016

Life Groups meet once a week each semester where we gather throughout the city in homes to explore how we can live out the truth of the Bible. It’s an easy way to connect during seasons that work for you and be challenged to grow in your faith.


Bible Group Logo  2016Bible Groups meet throughout the week and provide opportunities to learn and apply Biblical truths in practical ways. Dig into the unchanging Word of God and see what it means to you in today’s culture.


Academic Group Logo  2016

Academic Groups are designed to facilitate your personal growth in a relationship with Jesus. Held in a classroom environment, these groups help to educate us on life. Topics covered are: essentials of faith, parenting, finances, marriage, and much more.


Activity Group Logo  2016

Activity Groups engage people through activity, encouraging connection and most of all, fun! Whether it’s fishing, shooting, fitness, hiking, crafting, reading, golfing, or any other interests, these groups help connect people to do life together.

Prayer Group Logo  2016

Prayer Groups meet once a month throughout the year and every week during the month of January. Each group meets in a casual and welcoming environment and lasts about an hour. There is something special about doing life together with prayer as the focal point.